Hi, I’m Gab.

Welcome to Mini Moments Co.

I am a mum who is passionate about empowering the next generation by adding tools to their mindful tool kit to carry with them on their journey through life.

Mindful movement anywhere!

My little one and I love to do mindful movement together. There are so many positive benefits to moving your body.

We love to dance, walk, garden and explore all landscapes together!

Without Connection Things Get…a Little Chaotic!

Our kids love to be a part of things and they crave connection.

Mini Moments Co allows you to share many very special moments with your minis to help them to feel empowered, calm, and grounded.

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  • Compostable & Biodegradable Cards

  • Non-Toxic

  • Melbourne Made Decals

  • Shipped Eco-Friendly

Decals With A Purpose

" I didn't want to just make more stuff that would end up in landfill. I wish to create purposeful tools that are both eco and socially conscious.

Resources that are focused around growing awareness and forming connections. Connections to self, others, friends, family and our surroundings."

- Gab

Meditative, Creative, Educational

Meaningful playtime helps our little ones realign their mind, body, and spirit.

Our Vision

Our eco-first collection helps to create a calming, safe space for children to pause, reset and connect using movement, positive reinforcement, affirmations and mantras rather than punishment.

Our vision is to create high quality, affordable resources that are both eco and socially conscious and produced as locally as possible.